Saturday, March 11, 2006

Evolutionary Computation And Formula 1 Racing


The 2006 Formula 1 Season already began. But the first official trainning session only will be held within some hours. So, here we have a chance to talk about Evolutionary Computation and Formula 1 Racing.

There is an interesting and old article in New Scientist magazine about tunning of Formula 1 cars through simulated evolution. Click here to read it.

The researchers applied a Genetic Algorithm to tune a Formula 1 car (to be fair this car is not real, it is from the PC game Formula One Challenge). They needed to deal with a lot of variables, such as rev limits, gear ratios, tyre pressures and suspension damping. Pit Stop strategies can be also done through Evolutionary Computation.

Formula 1 Racing is a giant business where there are some hundred of millions of dollars involved, so, as money is a crucial factor to that motorsport, would be interesting if the Teams/Scuderias paid a little of attention for what Evolutionary Computation can offer them, because it can mean a valuable saving to them.

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