Sunday, July 31, 2005

I'm Back!!!

Hello, People!! :D

I have had absent from my blog a long time, I was busy with the final of semester at University doing the last tests and works. So, I got a "Good" grade in the Performance Course(here in brazilian Universities the grades are: insuficient, regular, good and excelent) and I will not so likely see the face of that guy again and all his bullshit about Soft Computing. It was very funny when he said in the last class that he must know very well his field (Markov Chain Analysis) and, at same time, he needs to have a critique view about the other fields, like Evolutionary Computation. I only think very strange a person wants to critic a thing that he/she knows nothing about and never implemented and/or studied any algorithm and/or article. What does he know about Soft Computing ? Does he know a little about the system to say something ? He was not very wise in these aspects. But... anyway. :D




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