Monday, September 15, 2008

PPSN X - Parallel Problem Solving from Nature 10th Edition

It has already began the 10th edition of the PPSN conference which was started in 1990. See the current edition site here. For a log upon the past editions, see here

It is being held at the Technical University of Dortmund (TUD, former Uni-Dortmund) and you can check the accepted papers here. It seems there will be a wide range of topics on evolutionary computation.

By the way, check the blog entry by our blog friend Juan Julián Merelo Guervós on PPSN X here. Another blog entry here, by Jorge Tavares.

Professor Hans-Paul Schwefel is the PPSN X honorary chair

Let's wait for more blogging from Dortmund at the PPSN X. [Estoy confiando en ti, JJ! Don't disapoint me! :) ]

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Anonymous JJ said...

OK; will try to post something, but the congress is at the Westfallenhallen, nearby the Iduna Signal stadium, not at the university.
Julian Togelius is also here, but didn't have the time to post. I'll prod him to do so.

16 September, 2008 05:14  
Blogger Marcelo said...

Hi, JJ!

It seems that Julian Togelius has been a lot busy dealing with his research. It may be the reason why he has blogged so little. Let's wait for his PPSN X highlights.

By the way, good luck with your presentations!



16 September, 2008 05:34  

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