Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Seven Deadly Sins Of Bioinformatics

As I am concerned with applying for a bioinformatics MSc., so I am looking for informations of that field, mainly those ones providing a critique panorama of its current (and, of course, future) trends and games. What I have most heard is that bioinformatics is the future, the 21st Century Job, it will help to replace the petrochemical industry bringing to us an alternative energy resource which is not only green, but, also, renewable, and so on. Despite all those positive remarks, I am not interested in them. I want to know critique statements about that field, what is hard to find out when talking to bioinformaticians here, since what they have told makes me feel as though I was in a Marlboro ad. :)

I have found a very interesting presentation about the deadly sins of bioinformatics, see this link:

The Seven Deadly Sins Of Bioinformatics.

The Seven Deadly Sins Of Bioinformatics are the following:

01. Parochialism And Insularity
02. Exceptionalism
03. Autonomy Or Death!
04. Vanity: Pride And Narcissism
05. Monolith Megalomania
06. Scientific Method Sloth
07. Instant Gratification

Gosh! A bioinformatics laboratory being the lair of at least one of those sins could become a hard place to social interaction.

By the way, the presentation is a nice overview of what is happening nowadays in bioinformatics, its current research situation and the views the computer science guys have of the biology guys (and vice-versa).

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