Saturday, March 28, 2009

Per Aspera Ad Astra

Picture: cortesy of Juan Julián Merelo Guervós

I have learned from Martin Pelikan's blog that Professor Hans-Paul Schwefel will deliver a talk at GECCO 2009 named Failures as Stepping Stones to Success or "Per Aspera Ad Astra". It will be part of a major GECCO 2009 event: Learning From Failures in Evolutionary Computation workshop.

It's such an amazing initiative of organizers to hold a workshop like that, since researchers in general tend only to report their successes and, not so rarely, omit what may be qualified as "failure". How many wonderful ideas have not come from failures? Or, at least, have played the role of a pioneer starting?

Even though I will not be there (what a pity!!!), I can imagine what will be the meat and bones of Professor Schwefel's talk. Sure, I will not tell you, otherwise I would need to kill you... :)

For all those attending GECCO 2009 next summer, I would be very grateful if a good hearted soul could record a video of Professor Schwefel talk and upload it on YouTube or some video sharing service like that. :)

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A Video Of A Genetic Algorithm Running On A Cellphone

My fellow countryman, Christian Perone, has recorded a video of his cellphone genetic algorithm simulation solving a travelling salesman problem.

Really nice stuff! :)

Thank you very much, Christian, for making such an interesting video!

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Pervasive Evolutionary Algorithms On Mobile Devices

So... it is with great happiness that I have learned from our blog friend, Juan Julián Merelo Guervós, about his team work on running evolutionary algorithms on cellphones!

Despite some minor compatibility issues, since cellphones made by the same brand do not communicate properly, the GeNeura Team could achieve interesting results and solved two well known evolutionary computation problems: The travelling salesman problem and the wave function problem.

Congratulations and thank you very much for the post, JJ! I hope you may have even more interesting results on this kind of research! :)

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Even More Running Genetic Algorithms On Cellphones

It seems the work of my fellow countryman, Christian Perone, has inspired minds accross the oceans, reaching the far shores of Australia, where our blog friend, Jason Brownlee, has taken the initiative of running a genetic algorithm on his iPhone.

I think it would be worthful if both of you guys could make a video showing your cellphone screens running the genetic algorithm.

Check Jason's blog out to read the complete and interesting story!

P.S: JJ, we are still waiting some feedback of your cellphone genetic algorithm simulation... :)

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Running Genetic Algorithms On A Cellphone

My fellow countryman, Christian Perone, has made what I had asked some weeks ago: He has run a genetic algorithm on a cellphone!

The genetic algorithm took just 18 generations (8 seconds!) to find the optimum on the sphere function. For more infos about that, check Perone's blog!

If you are a bit curious how he has made it, he has written a how-to upon that. Just read the post.

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Friday, March 20, 2009

GA Birthday!!!

It's Genetic Argonaut fourth birthday!

So many things have happened since the opening of this humble blog on March 20th, 2005, and I have met (mainly on internet) interesting places and persons.

I thank you all outside there on blogosphere for your posts, comments, visits, and so on.

Thank you!

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Genetic Algorithm + Travelling Salesman Problem + Playstation PSP = :)

My fellow countryman Christian Perone -- a gaúcho bred with 100% spiceless real churrasco -- has tried the famous travelling salesman problem on his Playstation PSP genetic algorithm.

He has made a video of his genetic algorithm simulation on that problem. Check it out!

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Monday, March 09, 2009

Predicting Collapsing Companies Through Simulated Evolution

Our blog friend Juan Julián Merelo Guervós has made a post on predicting variables playing major roles on which company is going to close its doors. His group applied genetic programming and self-organizing maps  for predicting that.

In an environment full of uncertanties and noisy as financial market and economic-related areas are, it may be an useful tool for all those worried about where their invested money is going after all.

Have our blog friend finally discovered the so feared Doomsday Device? If so, please, reserve my ten females of highly stimulating nature... Since outside it will be nothing to do at all... :)

Будет ласковый дождь

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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Running A Genetic Algorithm On A Playstation

My fellow countryman Christian Perone has run, on a Playstation PSP, a genetic algorithm coded in Python.

It's another computer platform conquest genetic algorithms have made. From old school mainframes computers to portable devices, genetic algorithms seem to know no boundaries. What about cell phones? Have genetic algorithms been run on them too? Does someone out there know any story to tell us upon it?

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