Monday, March 20, 2006

Genetic Argonaut's Anniversary!!!


Today my blog completes one year on-line and I consider I could do some interesting things here, for example, my blog is one of the few places where you can read about Evolution Strategies. :D

To celebrate this important day, I put on-line an old post: "Evolutionary Computation Classics - Volume I". It is about the History of Evolutionary Computation and shows us the history of Evolution Strategies. The new text of "Evolutionary Computation Classics - Volume I" is improved and corrected, thank to Professor Schwefel, who helped me in the corrections.

Enjoy the text!!

Até Mais!!



Blogger parwana said...

Can you suggest me a book/web resource where I am able to get insight into that part of EC which is not GA?

Thanks in advance.

07 May, 2006 09:06  

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