Thursday, June 02, 2005

The First Genetic Argonaut Blog's Big Challenge!!!

Yes, my friends, I got it!! I'm in the middle of a Research Operations course at University and, so far, I feel so bored about it, I know that those methods are very useful, but to solve the problems that I have in my mind, I can tell you that the classical methods are not the most suitable to do the job.

So, to feel more confortable with the RO course, I challenged my RO professor with one problem to do optimization. The function is this:

f(x1,x2) = 21.5 + x1*sin(4*pi*x1) + x2*sin(20*pi*x2)

This function is the same of the graphics below and the intervals

x1 = [-3:12.1]
x2 = [4.1:5.8]

are the same that in the graphics too.

I told professor that I will use an Evolutionary Strategy and a Genetic Algorithm to find a good solution to x1 and x2. She, the professor, told me that she will use Fibonacci Search combined with Gradient Method. Let's expect until the next week to see the results. :D In the same bat-channel at the same bat-time. :D

Well, my friends, it will be a very hard and bloody fight until the death!!! :P

So, make your bets!!!

See You!!


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