Monday, March 21, 2005

Artificial Intelligence And The Squared-Mind Persons


Today I had my first class about Performance Analysis of Systems (this class should be made last week, but the teacher was traveling) and the teacher was going on with the subject, showing us what We would face, talked about Stochastic Processes, Markhov Chains and all the set of techniques used inside his class subject. He said, too, that Artificial Intelligence aproaches (Genetic Algorithms, Fuzzy Systems, Neural Nets and others) are all Fag Things (that's right, gay things) and He likes much more the classical stochastic models. Well, I'm a Computer Engineering student and I deal with some of those AI stuff since 2002, I know I'm a newbie :D, but talk in the same way the teacher did, this, yes, is a BIG limitation. But I should make him an allowance. Why? Simple: He is a Computer Scientist and here in my country (Brazil) the CS courses don't have a good base in Mathematics and other stuffs. :D

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