Sunday, June 05, 2005

The Easom Function


Here I'm again to show another result that I got with my ES.

The function that I used this time was the Easom Function:

F(x1,x2) = -cos(x1)*cos*x2)*exp(-(x1-pi)^2 - (x2-pi)^2)
x1 = [-100:100]
x2 = [-100:100]

ES Configuration:

Population = 60
Offspring = 60 (I used the (mu+mu)ES )
Generation = 5000
Simulation Time = 6.99 s
The problem is to minimize the function above. The global minimum is -1 with x1 = pi and x2 = pi.

Below I show you my results.

Best initial values:
F(x1,x2) = -2.0079019279809812e-027
x1 = 4.405669730345565
x2 = 10.71696945361343

Best final values:
F(x1,x2) = -0.99999978685693391
x1 = 3.141922312441527
x2 = 3.1414098408067366

Here we have the Easom Function's graph:

Free Image Hosting at

A side view:

Free Image Hosting at

Here you see the evolution of the ES. The horizontal axis is the number of generations and the vertical axis is the best fitness value.

Free Image Hosting at

Well, I think that my ES found very good solutions to the Easom Function. :D

See You!!



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