Thursday, October 28, 2010

Old School Genetic Algorithms News On Google News Archive

Interesting feature this one from Google News. You can browse old newspapers and read old news.

Looking for genetic algorithms, Google News Archive gives you a nice amount of news dating back to 1980s.

For example, see this simulated annealing news on the excellent magazine Dr. Dobbs -- genetic algorithms and other optimization approaches are cited and/or briefly explained. It's from 1989.

This other one is a brief summary of students and researchers work on engineering mentioning genetic algorithms and the early work of David E. Goldberg during his good times at The Clearing House For Genetic Algorithms. The excerpt:

James Gleick wrote an article on artificial life during its early steps, citing genetic algorithms along the way.

And this another one suggests someone was, as early as 1983, already using genetic algorithms to do stock trading or something related.

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Evolving Real Robot Swarms Through Simulated Evolution

Nice video this one: Deployment of Large Aerial Swarms.

It seems the authors applied an evolutionary algorithm (genetic algorithm?) to do the control of those robots.

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Evolving Astronomy Data Mining Through Simulated Evolution

Interesting stuff this one: The Future of Astronomy is Automated.

It seems genetic algorithms may give another kind of role for traditional astronomers -- and not only for them, but also for other kinds of data miners.

Keep your eyes wide open data miners!

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