Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ban Genetic Algorithms!!!

Credit: Arthur Gretton

During the last G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh (USA), some guys from Carnegie Mellon University thought it would be a nice chance to show the whole world how they are concerned about current geopolitical, environmental, and economical problems.

They are not only willing to ban mundane and grievous methods from the evolutionary computation outer space such as genetic algorithms, but they also want to support vector machines, free variables, and start a brigade against Bayesian discrimination! No duality gaps! No greedy search! No power laws! And all the hails for a world in which anyone will freely do a safer data minning!

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Evolving Selling Rates Through Simulated Evolution

There's an interesting article in E-Commerce Times on the use of innovations to improve sales. The author states that artificial intelligence techniques -- such as genetic algorithms, expert systems, and fuzzy systems -- could help in such an endevour. An excerpt:

"Every customer touch point will capture more information that the system can then analyze to increase the chances of making decisions on how to sell more to customers. The software cloud will be using concepts like expert systems, genetic algorithms, and fuzzy logic to make recommendations on how the business will sell more, what to sell where, who to sell to -- and it will modify itself to be able to accomplish these optimizations."

I think big vendors, such as, are already using those AI stuffs.

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Genetic Algorithms, Formula 1 Cars, And Speculations...

An interesting post on the possibility of Formula 1 teams are using genetic algorithms to aerodynamically design their cars.

Another researcher had already done something similar, but completely from scratch! Even though the final result should not be expected to win a championship.

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