Friday, October 24, 2008

Automatic Tuning Of Car Controllers - UPDATED

Our blog friend and official Viking, Julian Togelius, is asking all the machine learning/artificial intelligence researchers, practioners, enthusiasts, etc. to submit a car controller tuned using your favorite learning algorithm. Further informations may be found here and here. The controllers will be subjected to a competition against each other during a set of races.

If were you, I would submit it immediately! If you don't, then, flee from your hometown or... face the Viking raid!! :)

The first place will be awarded a weekend staying at Valhala, being guided by Valkyries. :)

I was told, in the comments, by Julian Togelius that there is a video from the last racing car competition they held this year at the last WCCI. See it here.

It is one of the bloodiest races I have ever seen in my whole life!

The blue car is very skilled.

Machine learning researchers of the world, unite! And send your controller to the competition!

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Blogger Julian Togelius said...

Thanks for the ad, Marcelo!

Here's a link to a video from the last competition:

Of course, we hope to have better controllers submitted this time...

24 October, 2008 19:50  
Blogger Marcelo said...

Hi, Julian!

You're welcome, man!!

Thank you very much for pointing to the video. I shall add it to the main post.

I hope the competition may be a big success.

24 October, 2008 20:53  
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