Saturday, July 08, 2006

Professor Hans-Paul Schwefel talks to EvoNews


Some months ago I read an interesting interview with Professor Hans-Paul Schwefel (from the Chair of Systems Analysis (Ls11) - University of Dortmund) at EvoWeb. See here.

The interview has a historic, biographical, and interesting spirit related to Evolutionary Computation.

A small excerpt:

'Why,' he [Professor Schwefel] wonders, 'look for GA variants that provide a similar performance to ES, if Evolution Strategies have already provided such performance for more than twenty years?'

Well, that is a question which I also would like to find an answer! :)

In the picture above there are from left to right: Professor Xin Yao, Professor Hans-Paul Schwefel and Professor Zbigniew Michalewicz.

Até Mais!



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