Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The Blind Man and The Genetic Algorithms + Neural Networks

Yes, again the guy who is teaching the Performance Analysis course said that GA's and Neural Networks are things not so good to use, and that he prefers to use his Markovian Models, he even told us that there is another guy that made a Phd thesis trying to explain that all the Universe, since the DNA untill the Black Holes, is a Markovian phenomenon. Oh, I have to remember you that that guy who told those things about GA's and NN's is supervised by the same Professor that said that GA's, Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic and other Soft Computing approaches are all fag-things (Gay things).

But the most comic moment was when that guy turned to my friend, that also studies GA's and NN with me, and said: "Once I was rading the last chapter of a Neural Networks book and this last chapter is exactly the first one of my Phd Thesis. So, you, boy, that studies those things, would lose a job to me, if we have to compete to gain the job.".

Gosh, Its a little dificult to me believe that, so far, still there are those kind of thinking, almost 50 years has passed since the pioneer EC works from the 1950's and more than 40 years since the meeting of Ingo Rechenberg and Hans-Paul Schwefel at TUB. The same time is valid to John Holland and Lawrence Fogel. Once I was reading an Interview with David Goldberg in EvoWeb and he said that when he began to study GA's, the other persons saw him as joining some obscure religion and that his GA application to a pipeline gas was received with laughs in the review line of the Journal of Hydraulic Engineering. But it was almost 25 years ago. A similar situation happened with Hans-Paul Schwefel and Ingo Rechenberg when they got their degree at TUB and they were instructed to come back to study Fluid Dynamics or they would have to leave TUB. So, both decided to leave. But those facts happened a long time ago and I have some dificulties to understand how, so far, there are some persons that acts against GA's, NN and other Soft Computing approaches in the same way of those another persons that were against the pioneer GA's work.

But, anyway...

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