Thursday, March 18, 2010

Evolving Wind Turbine Blades Through Simulated Evolution

Nice video this one:

Evolving Wind Turbine Blades.

Its author applied a genetic algorithm to evolve/optimize the blade shape of a wind turbine. It reminded me of Professor Ingo Rechenberg's work on a similar task: The BERWIAN (Berliner-Windkraft-Anlage) in which his group applied another kind of evolutionary algorithm -- evolution strategies.

The «Berwian» windmill by Ingo Rechenberg takes advantage of the complex eddy effect. Active paddle tips are turned towards the centre, where the turbine is placed. The windmill was optimized by the method of «evolution strategy» at many levels (number and position of the blades, profiles, etc.).

As we are talking about green/clean energy resources, don't miss the chance of reading an interesting post at Martin Pelikan's blog on the same poetical vein (solar panels).

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