Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Genetic Argonaut Blog Has Got Its First Publication

That's it, fellow readers! This blog has got its first publication! :)

This feat owes a lot to our friend Pier Luca Lanzi. Pier Luca kindly invited me (and Professor Schwefel too) to publish the interview I made with Professor Schwefel when evolution strategies celebrated their 45th anniversary.

I am astonished as I had never thought the interview could be published in an official newsletter of such an excellent lineage such as ACM SIGevolution.

If you would like to read the newsletter, see it here. Pier Luca made, as usual, a beautiful work and if I were you I would not miss a single issue of SIGevolution!

Thank you so much, Pier Luca, Professor Schwefel, Professor Eurípedes, and all the SIGevolution guys and gals, for this amazing opportunity!

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