Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Darwin And Wallace - 150 Years

Nice overview of the joint presentation held in 1858 - 150 years ago - to show up the first skunks upon evolution through natural selection, see here. The main enthusiasts involved in such a discussion were Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace. Both of them sent a representative to read their respective writings upon the subject. It's funny to know that the main hall of the famous Linnean Society of London was filled with persons holding a layman skill on evolution and science in general, very different from what a contemporary mind would expect, that is, "experts" following the 19th Century biology Zeitgeist.

It is such important day for evolutionary computation, since in 1858 was the "first generation" of its subsequent development!

I wonder what those two men would say if they saw what their ideas - and others' too - has helped to create and solve...

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