Monday, June 30, 2008

On Penguins And Submarines, Airplanes, And So On!

Interesting finding here:

Aerodynamics In The Animal World. Yes, I know: Another Google automatic translation. But, it is better to read something slightly comprehensible than nothing at all. The main ideas are very clear, I think. :)

The article has to do with the aerodynamics on animal bodies, such as the Penguin's, and how it deals with aerodynamical problems - turbulence, acceleration issues, and etc.

The Penguin's streamlined body could be an inspiration when it comes to submarine body design, helping to create even quieter, faster, and more efficient submarines. Let alone it could also be applied on other areas strongly relying on aerodynamics, such as airplanes, rockets, and etc.

See a short movie of the Ṕenguin's flight here.

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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Ingo Rechenberg And Micro Air Vehicles

A very nice point to read:

Evolution? Innovation!

Yeah! I know... it is an automatic translation from Google. But I think the main ideas are comprehensible.

The current work of Ingo Rechenberg has to with MAVs: Micro Air Vehicles. He is engaged in producing the first functional MAV for real world problems, such as detecting illegal substances and explosives.

So, let's wait for what Der Bioniker will show us on the next years!
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