Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Intelligent Machines Blogs About Genetic Argonaut

Intelligent Machines has a post on my posting upon Evolving Lens Through Evolution Strategy And Genetic Algorithm.

Intelligent Machines is an interesting blog upon Artificial Intelligence (A.I.). Take a moment and read it! :)

Thank you, friend, for citing this blog! :)

P.S: I have an old post related to evolving lens through evolutionary algorithms:

Evolution Of An Optical Lens Through Evolution Strategy


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are welcome :) I've been monitoring your blog through its RSS feed for a long time nowbecause I find it really interesting. P.S. I added a link from my blog to yours.

07 March, 2007 04:33  
Blogger Marcelo said...

Hi, Damien!

Thank you for have kept yourself tuned in my blog! :)

And thank you, again, for linking my blog from yours. :)

I already had visited your blog some time ago and added a link to it.

I like your blog, it is very A.I. eclectic. :)

07 March, 2007 15:02  

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