Saturday, March 10, 2007

Evolving Telecommunications Through Simulated Evolution

MEDAL Blogging has an interesting post upon antenna design through simulated evolution.

That post reminded me of three other similar works:

William Comisky, Jessen Yu, and John R. Koza Genetic Programming approach to evolve antenna: Automatic Synthesis of a Wire Antenna Using Genetic Programming.

Scott Santarelli, Tian-Li Yu, David E. Goldberg, Edward Altshuler, Teresa O'Donnell, Hugh Southall, and Robert Mailloux work upon military antenna design via Simple Genetic Algorithm (SGA) and Estimation Of Distribution Algorithms (EDA). Their work shows us the performance of a SGA and an EDA on antenna (automatic) design. The EDA exhibits a considerable better performance than the SGA - Military Antenna Design Using Simple and Competent Genetic Algorithms.

NASA Evolvable Hardware System Group work on satellite antenna design.

The first time I saw those NASA antennas, I got atonished how different they are from more typical antennas, such as the Yugi-Uda or the parabolic dish. See here an old post of mine about it.


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